Shinagawa Historical Museum where you can feel "wabi-sabi"

Shinagawa Historical Museum has ’Suikinkutsu’. It is landscaping technique that lets you enjoy sound. By digging a small cave in a garden and letting water droplets fall inside, the sound of the water will reverberate on the cave's walls. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy a faint sound seeping from the ground. It is certainly a place where you can feel the tranquility and "wabi-sabi" (a Japanese aesthetic sense). 品川歴史館には「水琴窟」という、音を楽しむ造園技法があります。「水琴窟」とは、音を楽しむ造園技法です。庭に小さな洞窟を作り、其中に水滴を落として、水の音を洞窟の壁面に反響させ、地上に漏れてくるかすかな音を静かに楽しむものです。静けさと「わびさび」を感じることができるスポットです。

2017/2/8 ~

【Shinagawa Historical Museum】