Hachijo island, Tokyo: "The Island of Everlasting Spring"

Hachijo island, 55 minutes from Haneda, Tokyo. Hibiscus blooms almost all year round, and Oshima cherry that is blooming pretty flowers of pure white petals tell us the arrival of spring. The Freesia Festival is held every March. Won't you try to visit Hachijo island, the island which welcomes the spring? 羽田から55分の東京・八丈島。ハイビスカスはほぼ1年中咲き、真っ白な花びらの可憐な花を咲かせる大島桜こちらは大島桜は春の訪れを告げます。毎年3月にはフリージア祭りが開かれます。春本番を迎える八丈島を訪れてみませんか?

2017/2/6 ~

【Hachijo Island Tourism Association】