'The Senbon Torii' in Nezu shrine

Nezu Shrine, a national important cultural property, remains in the original state that was established in 1706. The shrine boasts full bloom of about 3,000 azaleas of 200 varieties in early summer. The Otome Inari Shrine, found inside the shrine grounds. The "Senbon Torii" were constructed by people whose wishes were granted. By passing through them from north to south, it is said that any maliciousness plaguing you will be cleared away. 根津神社は、1706年に建てられたままの状態で残る、国の指定重要文化財。初夏にはつつじが満開になり、約100種類3000株が咲き誇ります。境内にある、乙女稲荷神社。「千本鳥居」は、願いがかなった人が建てたもので北から南に通り抜けると、邪気がはらわれるそうです。

2017/2/5 ~

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