'The Jingara Rice Cake Ritual',an unusual festival at the Moro Shrine

The Jingara Rice Cake Ritual is an event that has been held at the Moro Shrine in Nagareyama, Chiba since days of old. A group of men dressed in nothing but white cotton shorts duke it out, pushng and fighting for a round rice cake until it eventual breaks. The way in which the rice cake breaks will predict the fortune of the harvest for that year. This ritual is held every year in January. 千葉県流山市の三輪茂侶神社で古くからおこなわれているヂンガラ餅神事。さらし姿の男衆が、鏡餅が割れるまで激しくもみ合い、奪い合います。餅の割れ方でその年の作柄を占う、毎年1月に行われる神事です。

2017/2/4 ~

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