Let's enjoy picking 'Migaki Ichigo (Strawberry)' , Edible Jewels!

About 20,000 people visit 'Ichigo World' in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture every year. It's is a popular spot to pick strawberries. 'Migaki Ichigo (Strawberry) can cost 1,000 yen each. But here we have a service where you can take as much as you like! It's very popular amongst overseas visitors. Helping to spread the charm of Japanese strawberries. 宮城県山元町の「イチゴワールド」は、年間2万人が訪れるイチゴ狩りスポット。1粒千円もする最高級ブランド「ミガキイチゴ」も取り放題とあって、海外からの観光客にも大人気。日本のイチゴの魅力発信に一役買っています。

2017/1/28 ~

【Ichigo World】