Kamaboko Museum in Odawara city

Kamaboko, made from the minced meat of fish, is the traditional food product of Japan, a nation surrounded by the sea. Odawara City of the Kanagawa Prefecture is blessed with rich marine products and the pure waters from Mount Fuji, making it one of the most famous production sites of kamaboko. The "Kamaboko Museum" with a free entrance fee is a popular attraction where visitors can experience making kamaboko and chikuwa with their own hands. 魚のすり身でつくられるかまぼこは、海に囲まれた日本の伝統的な食品です。神奈川県小田原市は、豊富な漁獲と富士山系の清らかな水に恵まれており、かまぼこの最も有名な産地の一つ。入館無料の「かまぼこ博物館」はかまぼこやちくわの手づくり体験もできる人気のスポットです。

2017/1/14 ~

【Kamaboko Museum】