Let's enjoy Japanese Hatsumode!

During the New Year's period in Japan, people go out to visit the shrine or temple. This is called 'Hatsumode'. During this period, you can find countless food stalls along the roads approaching the shrine, so people enjoy having their favorite snacks as they walk around. There's not only food stalls. There are also some games and activities for the children to enjoy. Why don't you draw an 'Omikuji' at the shrine or temple, which tells you how lucky you'll be during the coming year! Don't forget visiting the shrine and praying for good fortune before returning home! 日本では、新年を迎えると神社やお寺にお参りに行きます。これを「初詣」と言います。このとき参道には多くの屋台が並び、そこで好きな食べ物を買って歩きながら楽しみます。食べ物だけでなく、子供が楽しめるゲームなどのアクティビティもあります。神社やお寺では、その1年の運勢を占う「おみくじ」をひきましょう。お参りをして、幸運を祈って帰ってくださいね。

2017/1/5 ~