Gunma is full of pleasure in winter!

Gunma prefecture is located within 100km of Tokyo, and can be reached in just 50 minutes by Shinkansen. It is Japan's leading hot spring area: the prefecture is dotted with hot springs of different sizes and water quality, such as the famous Kusatsu Onsen. Other highlights include the remains of industries that helped modernize Japan, such as the Tomioka Silk Mill that was awarded World Cultural Heritage status in 2014. There are also 2 nostalgic steam trains active in Gunma prefecture even today. There are also many activities to enjoy within the natural beauty of the mountainous region, such as playing by the river in the summer, and playing in the snow in the winter. 群馬県は、東京から100km圏内にあり、新幹線を利用すれば最短50分でアクセスできるエリア。日本有数の温泉大国で、草津温泉をはじめ規模や泉質が異なる温泉地が点在。2014年に世界文化遺産登録された富岡製糸場など、日本近代化を担った産業遺産も見所で、ノスタルジックな蒸気機関車も群馬県では2台が現役で活躍中。また、山間部の大自然に恵まれたエリアでは、夏の川遊びや冬の雪遊びなど、アクティビティも豊富に楽しめます。

2016/12/28 ~

【Tambara Ski Park】