Japanese painter Kaii Higashiyama's landscape "Kujukutani"

Kujukutani in Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture. Japan's renowned poet and essayist eigetsu Ōmachi recorded his astonishment at its beautiful landscapes, and Japan's master painter Kaii Higashiyama painted its sights for his famous "Zanshō" ("Afterglow"), the work that made his name. From autumn to winter, in the mornings and evenings, a sea of clouds is visible over Kujukutani. The sight of the sun chilled just after a rainstorm is a particular highlight. Be sure to visit and experience the park's superb views as they change moment by moment from before dawn to daybreak. 低山の印象が強い千葉県で、秋から冬の朝夕に雲海が見られるのをご存知ですか? 君津市にある標高379mの鹿野山の眼前に広がる九十九谷(くじゅうくたに)は山間に霧が広がり、雲海のようにみえる人気スポットです。日本画の巨匠、東山魁夷はここでの写生をもとに出世作「残照」を描きました。 雲海撮影は雨上がりで冷え込んだ日がおすすめ。青一色から水墨画のような景色へと、刻々と表情を変える絶景を見に訪れてみては?

2016/12/24 ~

【Kujukutani Park】