Winter feast, "Tangerine Hot Pot"

Speaking of the typical Japanese winter dishes, hot pot cuisine comes to mind. But, is it possible that tangerines are used in this hot-pot cuisine!? Suo-Oshima of Yamaguchi Prefecture-- an island that floats in the Seto Inland Sea. It is an island that produces 80% of the tangerines in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Here, you can eat "Tangerine Hot Pot". 日本の冬の代表的な料理といえば、鍋料理。でも、鍋にみかん!?瀬戸内海に浮かぶ山口県周防大島。山口県のみかん生産量の8割を占める島です。ここで「みかん鍋」が食べられるんです!!

2016/11/18 ~