Ueda, Joetsu "journey to pray success"

Ueda City is drawing attention now thanks to the TV drama series Sanadamaru. Ueda Castle is known as the impregnable castle that twice repelled attacks by the opposing Tokugawa clan army. Sanada Shrine, inside Ueda Castle, known as the “shrine that prevents failure”, is a popular place for school students to pray for academic success. Closely related to the Sanada clan of Ueda was the Uesugi clan. In Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, home of clan leader Uesugi Kenshin, there is a place one must visit to pray for success. 大河ドラマ「真田丸」で注目を集める長野県上田市。上田城は徳川の大群は2度にわたって退けた難攻不落の城です。城の中にある真田神社は「落ちない神社」として受験生に人気で、必勝祈願に欠かせない場所。そして真田一族と関係の深い上杉家。上杉謙信公のふるさと、新潟県上越市にも必勝祈願に欠かせない場所があります。

2016/11/11 ~

【Uedajo Castle】